Mobile Hyper-Casual

All the hyper games were made in collaboration with a "Middle child" studio consisting of me and two other partners.

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Color Pass 3D​

Tap the screen to change the color of the ball and match it with the color of the rings.

Sort King

Grab and drag the correct items in the right position before the time runs out.




is a local multiplayer and experience for four people. The players need to solve the riddles of the game by communicating with each other outside the screen‭.‬ Get out of the maze‭, ‬find each other‭, ‬marge the characters, and play together to find the final exit‭.‬

More Desktop Games




is a cooperation game for three people‭, ‬who play three travelers stack in a dangerous forest called Wooda‭.‬ The three travelers need to find each other in the forest clearing before the dark ghost of the forest catches them‭. They have to go through dangerous obstacles‭ ‬and communicate with each other through associations and imagination‭.‬

Wooden Football

is a strategy competition game‭, ‬based on football‭.‬ Play football and think chess‭.‬ The game tools are divided into three groups‭: ‬Defender‭, ‬midfielder, and striker‭.‬ To win the game‭, ‬one of the players needs to pass the ball into the Gates‭. ‬In other words‭, ‬to make a goal‭. ‬You can move one step‭ in any direction/‬pass the ball‭/‬double pass‭/snatch‭. ‬


Arcade - Bezalel Finals


A musical competition arcade‭, programmed by me.

The two players need to play the lighted keys to earn a cube in their color‭.‬ Play too much and lose cubes, ‬play too little and also lose cubes‭.‬ They have a whole song‭, ‬two minutes‭, ‬to earn as many cubes as they can.‬ The game was developed that no matter when or what key they press‭, ‬it sounds good‭.‬